Bulk HotHands® Adhesive Body Warmers | 6 Displays, 240 Units

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Title: Body Warmers | 240 Units Per Case

Stock up and save with our bulk offering of HotHands® Adhesive Body Warmers. We've got you covered, whether you're organizing a cold weather event or making sure your employees are warm in cold conditions. Each warmer lasts up to 12 hours and provides fast heat that doesn't need to be recharged or reheated. They're safe to use, adhesive, convenient to pack in a backpack or toolbox and can be disposed of with regular trash. HotHands® are made with natural ingredients that don't harm the environment and have a 4 year shelf life if stored in a cool, dry place.  

Warmer Features:

  • Ready to use
  • Adhesive
  • Air activated
  • Safe, natural heat
  • Heats up 15-30 minutes after opening
  • Safe to dispose of with regular garbage; ingredients will not harm the environment
  • 240 units per case
  • TSA approved

Warmer Specifications: 

  • Duration: Up to 12 Hours (actual duration depends on usage and storage conditions)
  • Weight: 0.020 lbs (4.4 g)
  • Dimensions: 4.75" x 6.44" (12.1 cm x 16.4 cm)
  • Average Temperature:127 °F (53 °C)
  • Maximum Temperature: 154 °F (68 °C)
  • Ingredients: Iron, water, vermiculite, charcoal, polymer & salt
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Harmonized Code: 3005.90.9900
  • ECCN: EAR99